Cris Mitchell has been an artist all of his life. He is an accomplished musician and recording artist as well as graphic designer. His eye for design and composition easily translated to photography where he now specializes in creating fine art exhibits of nature’s elegance and beauty.

Cris is based out of Pismo Beach, California, giving him access to the famed Central Coast of California and an easy ride to spectacular sites such as Big Sur, Yosemite, the Grand Canyon and one of his most special places to photograph, Sedona, Arizona.

Cris says that: “The challenge and intrigue of landscape photography is not to take a picture of a place, but to capture its’ essence—to put it’s spirit in a print for others to experience. Sedona, for example, is a magical and mystical place. It’s aura and presence is so serene. I love being able to share those emotions through my photography.”

Cris truly has a unique knowledge base of his art. He is a respected educator, but as publisher of, he also had direct access to some of the best photographic minds of our time. Cris constantly keeps up with the newest trends in photography while staying true to his own style, roots, and passions.